Moped Insurance

Moped insurance

Every day moped riders use the independent Scoot Scoot comparison site to help track down a great moped insurance deal that won't cost them a fortune. We specialise in moped and scooter insurance ‐ nothing else ‐ and source the most competitive offers from across the market by comparing quotes from the top insurers operating in the UK today. To get a quick, impartial quote for moped insurance, you only have to complete our online form once, giving a few details about yourself and the type of moped you want to insure. Once your moped insurance application has been submitted, you won't have long to wait before you'll have a range of moped insurance quotes to choose from. We source insurance cover for all makes and models of moped, including well known brands such as Piaggio, Vespa, and Peugeot.

As the leading comparison site for scooter and moped insurance in the country, we've helped thousands of customers find the type of cover that is tailored to suit their exact needs. Why pay more than you have to for bloated moped insurance cover that you don't really need, and why spend hours filling out forms with different insurers, when we can do all the hard work on your behalf? Using Scoot Scoot, you can save both time and money by comparing moped insurance from all the leading providers. Each moped insurance policy will be based on the information you provide and designed to give you the right level of cover for your usage. Get started straight away, and you could be ready to ride ‐ fully insured - sooner than you thought possible!

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Do you need moped insurance?

It's hard to think of a cheaper, more efficient way of getting around in a motorised vehicle than on a moped. Whether you opt for a 50cc or even a more powerful 125cc moped, the annual running costs are typically very low, especially compared to those of a car. Modern mopeds with four stroke engines are also kinder to the environment and will cost considerably less to tax and insure every year than other vehicles. You can ride a 50cc moped aged 16 as long as you display L' plates, and a 125cc moped with certain restrictions, but regardless of your age or experience or the type of moped you plan to ride, the law requires you to be insured before you can use a moped on UK roads. No exceptions to this law apply and if you are caught riding a moped without insurance, you could face a hefty fine. In some instances, your moped may also be confiscated and you could even face criminal charges. As well as it being required by law, moped insurance will also help to keep you and other road users covered in the event of accidental damage or an accident. What is and isn't insured is determined by the type of policy you take out, the subject we're coming to next.

Moped insurance as an annual cost

Along with road tax and paying for regular maintenance of your moped, insurance is a cost that has to be budgeted for every year. Getting an accurate quote for insurance may help you to decide on the make and model of moped to buy, whether to choose a 50cc moped or pay a bit more for a 125cc model. Or perhaps you're already with an insurer and are looking around for a better deal. Using our site, you'll be able to compare moped insurance policies at a glance, not just in terms of the annual cost but what you're getting for your money as well so be sure to check if the policy includes extras such as insuring you against loss or damage to your helmet, and personal accident and breakdown cover. Remember, insurers will base their quote on the information you provide, so make sure all your details are always accurate and up to date.

Look out for special offers

Because we source and compare moped insurance from all the leading providers in the UK, you may be able to take advantage of some special offers. These include:

What kind of policy is right for you?

There are three main types of moped insurance, each one offering a different level of cover. As tempting as it may be to simply opt for the cheapest type of moped insurance policy, it's far better to be guided in your choice by where and when you're planning to ride your moped and whether you'll be using it every day, or only for occasional rides. The three most common insurance policies are as follows:

Name your moped, get your quote

We've streamlined our application process to make requesting a quote as straightforward and quick as possible. You can apply online and will receive an instant quote to insure your moped, whether it's one of the classic Vespa, Piaggo or Peugeot mopeds, or your first ever twist-and-go 50cc model. You'll be asked to enter some personal details about yourself and where you live, some information about the named rider and any additional riders, and a few details about the moped you want to insure. This is where you create a policy that reflects your actual usage so make sure you answer all the questions accurately and honestly as any misleading or wrong information could lead to a claim being invalidated in future.

How to reduce the annual cost of moped insurance

When it comes to working out your annual premium, providers consider a range of factors, such as how old you are, your occupation, how often you use the moped and what for, and also where you live. There's not much you can do about your age and moving to an area with lower crime stats may not be an option, but there are ways to minimise the cost of your premium.

Choose the right moped

If you've always wanted to own and ride a classic model such as a Vespa, Piaggo or Peugeot, you can expect to pay a bit more to insure your moped, as any replacement and repair costs will be higher. If you need a low cost and efficient means of getting from A to B every day, an automatic 50cc moped may be the better ‐ and cheaper - option, as the insurance premium will be lower.

Limit your annual mileage

Providers look at your annual mileage when calculating your premium as statistically, the more miles you do, the greater the chances are that you'll make a claim in future. It's important to give an accurate estimate of your annual mileage, but you could get a discounted rate if you can manage to stay under a certain limit.

Commuter or weekend rider?

If you plan to only ride your moped occasionally your premium is likely to be lower than if you use it every day to get to and from work or college, so consider your usage carefully before answering this question.

Ride safely

Riding your moped with care and attention at all times will reduce the likelihood of you having to make a claim for damage in future but more importantly, it will help to keep you and other road users safe. If this is your first moped, take it easy at first and gradually you'll feel more confident on the road. Here are some more tips for safer riding:

Enhancing your riding skills is another way of becoming a safer rider and it could also save you some money on insurance. Some providers offer reduced premiums for riders with these kind of qualifications because riders with them are viewed as a lower risk. Check out organisations such as the Institute of Advanced Motoring, the British Motorcyclists Federation, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, to see if they have any special courses.